Monday, August 1, 2011

August 2011 Blog Train!!

Hey Everyone! Boy have we got a great train for you this month! I had our designers pick from a handful of palettes THEY got to choose, and we dwindled it down to just one. However here is the "TWIST", each designer got to choose their OWN theme!! That is right, we have 1 palette, and 100 different themes for you all!! I must say, this has been I think one of the most creative trains we've had and hope you enjoy.

Please remember to leave love on teh designers blogs, they work hard to bring you these freebies.

Hope You Enjoy!!

Here is the slideshow:

1. Trish H. Designs
2. jusme digital
3. Lollipop Designs
4. Amanda & Millie Designs
5. Misty Cato Designs
6. wordartworld
7. HotFlashDesigns
8. Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage
9. Jen C. Designs
10. designsbykrista
11. Samceline Designs
12. Wishing Well Creations
13. Let Me Scrapbook!
14. Snuggle Berry Pie Designs
15. Brandi Beaver
16. Digi Deborah's Designs
17. Sherwood Studio Digital Designs
18. Tina Shaw
19. Design Name Here
20. Adorible Digital Designs
21. Simply Kelly Designs
22. KimericKreations
23. My4PrincessesDesigns
24. Kate Hadfield
25. Brandi White Designs
26. Ruby Lane
27. Eyeinspire
28. DylabelDesigns
29. Marie H designs
30. Kooky Cat Designs
31. Scraps by Mara
32. Sweet Tomato Designs
33. { Ocean Wide Designs }
34. Milly Dee Designs
35. Paper Capers Designs
36. Digital Harmony
37. Inspired Designs
38. Created by Jill Scraps
39. Snips and Snails Designs
40. A-liya
41. Designs by Angel
42. eNKay Design
43. Digilicious Designs
44. BZB Designs
45. In The Small Things
46. Designs by Connie Prince
47. Daybreak Scraps
48. Robyn Pali Designs
49. Aprilisa Designs
50. MaitriScraps
51. Steadfast and Immovable
52.*Designer Removed From List*
53. designs by Mandy King
54. Studio4 Designworks
55. Cabana Girl Designs
56. Color With Caryn
57. Lilly Lane Market
58. Scrap with AW Design
59.*Designer Removed From List*
60. Dutsji Designs
61. MoonDesigns
62. TrumanStudio
63. MagsGraphics
64. Key of D Designs
65. Designs by Helly
66. Feli Designs
67. Pardon the Mess
68. MHK Scrap Bytes
69. ViolaMoni
70. Mad Genius Designs
71. Dana's Footprint Designs
72. Gothic Inspirations Designs
73. Rieka_Rafita
74. Stargazy Creations
75. Chocolate Geranium Designs
76. Trixie Scraps Designs
77. Dancing Princess Designs
78. Outside The Box Design Studio
79. No Reimer Reason
80. Ramona Memories
81. 3 Li'l Monsters Designs
82. Roseytoes Designs
83. Deli Scraps by Min
84. t for me designs
85. Willow Grace Designs
86. Scrappin Wright
87. Sunny Day Scraps
88. Nette's NightOwl Works
89. Jellebelleke's Designs
90.*Designer Removed From List*
91. Luv Ewe Designs
92. Inspirations from Day
93. *Designer Removed From List*
94. ColleenLynch
95. Delicious Scraps
96. Barbara Speck Designs
97. SugarBeans Design
98. Keep in touch designs
99. Bon Scrapatit Designs
100. Mommyish


  1. Thank you everyone! Wonderful train. I really appreciate all the work you do for us.

  2. Thank you everyone for your part in this great train.

  3. I had a hard time finding where to comment on a lot of the blogs, so I just wanted to post on here how much I appreciate all the creativity and hard work that went into this blog train! Thank you all, Ladies! Beautiful work!

  4. What an awesome blog train ladies!!! I left love for all the kits I snapped up with the exception of a couple pages where I didn't see a link to comment. So..... if I missed you.... THANK YOU so much for taking the time and doing the hard work to offer us such a wonderful gift. Sharing your talent is certainly appreciated.

  5. Thank you so much to all the designers for these fabulous kits- such lovely colours and kits!

  6. Another wonderful train - I adore this colour swatch and everyone has been so creative with it! I can only hope it was as much fun to design the kits as it was collecting them. Thanks to everyone involved and extra thanks to the increasing number of designers who are making the downloading so easy for us. I know not everyone is able to do do that but with 4-share waiting times at a new high of 500+ seconds!!! it really is appreciated where possible *hugs*

  7. I second Dawn's comments and want to thank all the designers who use file sharing sites like or mediafire if they don't have their own server. It is really nice to not have to have so many tabs open waiting for the downloads. :) Thanks to ALL the designers involved for their wonderful kits and generosity in sharing their talent with us.

  8. Just FYI - Connie Prince's link is incorrect. It appears that it should be instead of (#46)

  9. I only used the link that Connie posted herself in the sign up thread.. forwards to the so I will change the link however you can get there by either!

  10. I got all but # 92 Inspirations from Day. Is that correct for others as well?

    I love these colors and want to thank all designers!

  11. i had to come and thank stargazy creations!! her comment form isn't working, i tried lots of time! thank you thank you. love it. ♥

  12. i have now pulled into the station after my first ride on the train!! thank you for a wonderful journey, i am sure this was a great deal of work for all involved and i just want to give a great big shout out of love to all of you. ♥♥♥♥

    i also want to comment on how disappointed i was when i noticed comments right above me complaining about download wait times. in my gentle opinion, get over it, it is a gift and that takes away from your gratitude.
    just my two cents.

  13. Thank you so much for this blog hop. What creativity out there. This is the longest blog hop ever. Lots of new blogs to visit.

  14. Thanks to all of these great designers..I love getting the chance to "meet" new ones. I "LIKED" several this time around.. Can't wait to see their new products.

  15. Thanks for all the Designers hard work .. I love this Blog Train .. i am only about 40 done so far .. all the links are great but i am finding it diffucult with 4shared .. i am Not complaining but 500 seconds to wait then 30+ mins for it to download then its failing .. might just be a problem today but out of the few 4shared this has happened on 4 so far but i will keep trying :-) Good Work Everyone i wish i could design !!

  16. Thank you very much for all your designs! I can't wait to start using them!!

  17. Sharica - if I remember rightly I think 4 shared only allows one downloader at a time. if multiple people download at the same time you get the fail message. At least that's how it used to work. To get maximum results from 4 shared I'd suggest finding a time when less people are downloading - easier said than done though. The download thing was the main reason why I switched to my own host...eventually!

  18. Figured out if i change from IE to Google Chrome they download better :-)

  19. Thanks everyone for another great blog train!

  20. What an incredible ride on this month's blog train! All of the designers did such an amazing job! And what creativity! I loved the variety! Thank you for all the hard work and time you put in! From a beginning digital are helping me blossom and grow in this new hobby! Thanks! : )

  21. Thanks for the great papers & elements! As a newbie, the kits are muchly needed, and the ideas on your blogs are fabulous inspiration.

  22. I am loving the blog train as always! Thank you all so much for sharing these beautiful kits. I also posted a link on my blog (

  23. This was the best blog train ever! I just loved all of the designers' interpretation of the palate and despite the fact that they're all individual "themes", they are perfectly interchangable! I can't wait to create a beautiful album in this gorgeous kit!

  24. Thank you to each designer for such a wonderful train!

  25. Thanks to all the designers for sharing their awesome talent with us. All the parts are just wonderful.

  26. I have commented on all the designers (not always under marsie55)but I especially wanted to leave a big thank you to Stargazy - I noticed there were only 2 comments left - her comment form is faulty and I think that is the reason for so few comments .. I would hate for her to think we are all so ungrateful!!! Thank you to all the designers and to Trish for organising the train again .. I am grateful to each and every one of you!! xxx

  27. I'd like to thank all the designers for their hard work. I also want to inform you that mistycatodesigns was designated by Google as an attack page, having downloaded malware in the last 90 days. I don't know if the site owners are aware of this, just wanted to let you know.

  28. BTW, I forgot this part: generally, unless I'm head over heels in love with a kit, I go away when I see the download is from 4-shared. I object to waiting that long (I had to wait 5 min for a download to start once-not through you, somewhere else) or having to download their product. Just FYI. Thanks again for organizing all these lovely downloads. I'm leaving a blanket thanks here 'cause I can't always figure out how to do it on each website and (as you can probably already tell) I'm kinda short on patience and attention span ... lol.

  29. I don't have time to download everything at once, so it takes me a few weeks to get all of the files. I'm very disappointed to find that several of the designer's download links have been deactivated on their blogs. Doesn't especially endear them to me no matter how talented they are.

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