Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June's Blog Train Is Here!!

Welcome to June's Blog Train: Monkey-ing Around.

We have 90+ Fabulous Designs for you this month. Please Enjoy the Slideshow of previews, and dont forget to leave the designers some LOVE for all their hard work to bring you these freebies.

Also remember to LINK to the designers blogs, NOT steal their contributions when sharing!!

1. Trish H. Designs
2. Sugar Kissed Designs
3. Studio Linda Renee
4. Lollipop Designs
5. Wishing Well Creations
6. Marie H designs
7. WendyBird Designs
8. Trixie Scraps Designs
9. Mye De Leon
10. Delicious Scraps
11. Bonnie Blou Designs
12. Dogs Day Designs
13. InspiredDesigns
14. Samceline Designs
15. Ronda's Scrap Bits
16. Scrap with AW Design
17. jumbbumbledesigns
18. Misty Cato Designs
19. Kat's Creations
20. BarbaraSpeckDesigns
21. My Bag of Scraps
22. Eyeinspire
23. Stargazy Creations
24. Aida Scrap
25. Digi Designs by Deborah
26. Dancing Princess Designs
27. Mommyish
28. Snackpackgu's Designs
29. Ramona Memories
30. Jen C Design
31. Crafter's Boutique
32. Snips and Snails Designs
33. Shel Belle Scraps
34. My 4 Princesses Designs
35. *Designer Removed From List*
36. Dutsji Designs
37. Digilicious Designs
38. MoonDesigns
39. Armina Designs
40. Aimee Harrison Design Studios
41. eqrAveziur graphic & design
42. Amanda & Millie Designs
43. Milly Dee
44. *Desinger Removed From List*
45. BeeHaven Designz
46. Sweet Tomato Designs
47. MagsGraphics
48. Steadfast And immovable
49. Sideways Designs
50. Color With Caryn
51. Key of D Designs
52. Wyld Web Designs
53. Rose Thorn
54. Just Jaimee
55. Truman Studio
56. Designs by Angel
57. Hornbuckle Designs
58. Jeanine DeOre Design Studio
59. Nette's NightOwl Works
60. Deli Scraps by Min
61. Psychozoe_Designs
62. Cabana Girl Designs
63. UnforgettableMoments
64. Luv Ewe Designs
65. Let Me Scrapbook!
66. Di@Legacy4Life
67. Scraps by Mara
68. Angel Hartline Designs
69. Bon Scrapatit Designs
70. Chocolate Geranium Digitial Designs
71. Meta Wulandari Design
72. *Designer Removed From List*
73. *Designer Removed From List*
74. Studio Q
75. Throwing Some Scraps Around
76. Robyn Pali Designs
77. Mikki Designs
78. Simply Kelly Designs
79. Mad Genius Designs
80. Pardon the Mess
81. Word Art World
82. Adorible Digital Designs
83. Circle Of Life Studio
84. PixelScrapper
85. Pixels By Jen
86. Colleen Lynch
87. *Designer Removed From List*
88. Digital Harmony
89. Polka Dot Pixels
90. 3 Li'l Monsters Designs
92. ViolaMoni
93. Digital Creations From Millstream Cottage


  1. #4 (Lollipop Designs)'s site isn't found. It's still pointing to Amanda's old domain. Any chance you have the new/updated link? Would love to link to/from her portion from my post (I'm #5). You can PM me at DST if that's easiest, Trish -- thanks! ~Laura

  2. I think you need to take the "www" out of the link for it to work. Was able to access her blog with this link:

  3. AHHH there is always something right Laura LOL... I'll get the link fixed asap! Thanks for letting me know!! :)

  4. The only blog I couldn't find was, could you tell me where to find it?

  5. # 12 Dog days designs is missing the

    Thanks for all the hard work! Love all the kits :)

  6. couldn't find anything on number 6

  7. Thanks for all the work putting together the blog train.

  8. Thank you so much for all your hard work getting this together and organising the hoard of cheeky monkeys I've just downloaded. I love riding your trains - such fun!!

  9. Thank you to ALL of the wonderful designers who have participated and given us such wonderful kits! Also thank you to those that put the effort into organizing this blog train! I always look forward to the new train leaving the station.

  10. Thank you to all of the wonderful designers who gave of their hard work! :) It's an amazing, fun kit!

  11. Love this theme! The designers have done GREAT!

    As far as I've traveled on the train as of now, I have not been able to get #12 to come up at all. And #17 and #27 don't have any blog train links on them.

    Also, #49's link is incorrect (but is correct on the blog before it), AND it doesn't have a blog train post on it. :)

  12. Could not find the blog train part of #58, #68, #71, #74, or #83, either. :(

  13. #49 Sideways Designs, has nothing up, but a welcome page

  14. Another fabulous blog train. A huge thank-you to all of the designers!!!

  15. Another wonderful blog train! thanks so much to all of the designers & Trish for your time & effort!

  16. I'm only about 1/5 thru and had to say THANK YOU! This is really beauatiful work!

  17. Thank you Trish for all your hard work :)and leaving a comment on my blog. I love contributing to this train, and would like to thank all those who to time to send some love! :)

    Alison aka Milly Dee Designs

  18. Thanks to all the wonderful designers who contribute to this blog train . . . from me and from my monkey-crazy daughter who can't wait to unzip all the kits I just download and play with Mommy's scrapbooking stuff.

  19. thank you all so much, love the theme and all the great talent that went into making this blog train.

    missing from # 17, 27, 49, 71 & 83

  20. #12 is still not a valid link. Is the designer still part of the train? Thanks!

  21. Ah, I see she didn't get her part on the train before it left that station! Please remove her from the list! Thanks!

    #12 Dogs Day Designs -
    Valid link to her blog from #13

  22. #16 - Scrap With AW Designs is no longer available. Please remove her link

  23. Can you tell I'm trying to get all my pieces before June is over? I completely forgot it was Blog Train Month! Thank you SOO much everyone - I LOVE this theme!

    #25 link is wrong - from the main page - Digi Designs by Deborah goes nowhere. I found her spot at:

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