Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Future of The Blog Train!! *Please Read*

Digi Shop Talk has officially taken over the Blog Train... this blog will be deleted and you all will be able to find all the information needed on future trains on the DST Facebook Page: 

or by going directly to 

Thank you so much for your support over the last almost 4 years!! 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 2012 Blog Train

Here is "INSPIRE ME"

Amanda & Millie Designs
Jen C Designs
jusme digital
Karen Diamond Designs
Made by Me Inspirations
Let Me Scrapbook!
Snips and Snails Designs
AK Designs
Mandy King
Sugarbutt Designs
Aimee Harrison
The Kit Cart Designs
Roseytoes Designs
4 My Babies Scraps
by the Shore designs
Simply Kelly Designs
3 Li'l Monsters Designs
Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage
Pardon the Mess
The Brown Owl
Sweet Digi Scraps
Luv Ewe Designs
A Little Love Designs
Just Jaimee
Word Art World
Note-able Scraps
Alejas Designs
Sugar Moon Designs
Pizazz Pixels
Digi Deborah Designs
Willow Grace Designs
Trixie Scraps Designs
Bon Scrapatit Designs
Digital Harmony Design Studio
Kooky Cat Designs
Digilicious Designs
Sanko Studio
busy crafting mommy designs
Design by Anita |
FranB Designs
Scraps by Missy
Outside The Box Design Studio
BrownEyedSusan Designs
Ronda's Scrap Bits
Mad Genius Designs
Daybreak Scraps
Cami Jo Designs
Marie H designs
Crystal'z Colorz
Marisa Lerin
Queen Bee Scraps
Wishing Well Creations
Tami Miller Designs
Mel Hains Designs
designs by krista
mikki designs
Tracie Stroud
Amber Shaw
Midnight Owl Designs
BeeHaven Designz
Down This Road Designs
Sunrise Scraps
Christine Smith
Meta Wulandari Design
My Digi Chocolate
Three Owls In A Nest
LorieM Designs
Delicious Scraps
Designs by Angel
Missy's Moments
Krystal Hartley
Pure Creativity Designs
Studio 68
keep in touch designs
HunnyBee Design
PattyB Scraps
Damsel Designs
Robin Renee Sampson
Created By Jill
Dana's Footprint Designs
The Urban Fairy

Please remember with 88 designers we are destined to not have everyone up at the same time, so please be patient :)  Remember if you can't comment on everyones parts, feel free to leave love for our designers here on this blog or even on our Facebook Page!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 2012 Blog Train Is Here!

Welcome to the July 2012 Blog Train!! This month, Tanya came up with the idea of doing a "Camping" themed kit! What a great Idea for this summer month, and we hope it'd be a change from the usual 4th of July kits you get around this time of year.  Enjoy!!

Karen Diamond Designs
Luv Ewe Designs
FranB Designs
Note-able Scraps
Aimee Harrison
WinksArt Graphics
Daybreak Scraps
Wishing Well creations
Damsel Designs
Bon Scrapatit Designs
Digi Deborah Designs
BrownEyedSusan Designs
The Brown Owl
Digilicious Designs
Amanda & Millie Designs
Keep in Touch Designs
Simply Kelly Designs
Christine Smith Digital Design
Digital Harmony Design Studio
Created by Jill Scraps
MerCas Designs
Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage
Digi Cyber Scraps
designs by krista
Sugarbutt Designs
Designs by Sherri Tierney
Snips and Snails Designs
Queen Pamedalah
Dawn by Design
Queen Bee Scraps
Armina Designs
Scraps by Missy
Kooky Cat Designs
Ponytails Designs
Ronda's Scrap Bits
F Studio Design
Let Me Scrapbook!
Mikki Designs
Three Owls In A Nest
Marisa Lerin
J. Conlon and Sons
Word Art World
Trixie Scraps Designs
Pizazz Pixels
m&m designs
Sunrise Scraps
Delicious Scraps
Blue Flower Art
Sanko Studio
4 My Babies Scraps
Robin Sampson
My Digi Chocolate
Carin Grobe Design
Mel Hains
Scrap-n-a-Snap Designs
Designs by Angel
Snuggle Berry Pie Designs
Busy crafting mommy designs

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 2012 Blog Train Has Left The Station!!

So  as you know we are all on different time zones so please allow for that when checking out everyone's links.

We've got a great train for you guys this month... I was asked by a reader as a special request about 2 months ago.. to do a different kind of wedding themed kit... here are the colors and theme we came up with... We hope you enjoy!

Please comment in this forum for any links/portions not up within 3 days of this post, as well as any broken non working links. Thank You.

1. Trish H Designs:
2. Ocean Wide Designs:
3. Let Me Scrapbook!:
4. Digi Deborah Designs:
5. Simply Kelly Designs:
6. A‐liya:
7. Blue Umbrella Designs:
8. Trixie Scraps Designs:
9. Robyn Pali Designs:
10. Aimee Harrison:
11. MagsGraphics:
12. StarSongStudio:
13. Shabby Abby Studio:
14. Pardon the Mess:
15. HotFlashDesigns:
16. Digilicious Designs:
17. One of a Kind Design Studio:
18. Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage:
19. Wishing Well Creations:
20. Studio 68:
21. Damsel Designs:
22. Snips and Snails Designs:
23. Kooky Cat Designs:
24. Word Art World:
26. Ronda's Scrap Bits:
26. Digi Cyber Scraps:
27. MaitriScraps:
28. Georgia Lynne Designs:
29. Marie H designs:
30. A Little Love Designs:
31. FranB Designs:
32. mikki designs:

33. Partners in Crime Designs:
34. Blue Flower Art:
35. Sugarbutt Designs:
36. BeeHaven Designz:
37. Digital Harmony Design Studio:
38. Rose Thorn:
39. Stargazy Creations:
40. Keep in touch designs:
41. Nurmis Design:
42. AK Designs:

43. Created by Jill Scraps
44. Pizazz Pixels:
45. Dana's Footprint Digital Design:
46. Milly Dee:
47. Scrappin Wright:
48. Foosa Moon Creations:
49. mariscrap:
50. Christine Smith Digital Design:
51. designs by krista:
52. Note‐able Scraps:
53. The Brown Owl:
54. HunnyBee Design:
55. Tina Shaw:
56. My 4 Princesses Designs:
57. Eyeinspire:
58. Alejas Designs:
59. Elaine Therese Digital Designs:
60. ADB Designs:
61. violamoni:
62. Jen Maddocks Designs:
63. Cinnamon Scraps:
64. Karen Diamond Designs:
65. Digi Scrap Delights:
66. Delicious Scraps:
67. Bon Scrapatit Designs:
68. Virginia State of Mind Designs:
69. Marisa Lerin:
70. WinksArt Graphics:
71. Meta Wulandari Design:
72. Queen Pamedalah: Http://
73. Queen Bee Scraps:
74. Busy Crafting Mommy Designs:
75. Dancing Princess Designs:
76. 4 My Babies Scraps:

77. Jen C Designs:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 2012 Blog Train: Spring Sun & Easter Fun!

Hello All!
Are you ready for some "Spring Sun & Easter Fun" this month??

Thanks to the AMAZING Tanya Gal {Owner of Scrapdish} we have an amazing train for you this month!! Tanya really stepped up and took charge this month and will actually be helping me with the organizing of the upcoming trains!

Here is a slideshow of "MOST" of the designers parts :) you can always choose to push the "PAUSE" button if it is taking too long to load or is taking up too much bandwidth.

1. Trish H Designs:
2. Simply Kelly Designs: Http://
3. Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage:
4. Digital Harmony Design Studio:
5. Delicious Scraps:
6. Digi Deborah Designs:
7. Ocean Wide Designs:
8. HunnyBee Design:
9. Snackpackgu's Designs:
10. Wishing Well Creations:
11. Sugar Kissed Designs:
12. Amanda & Millie Designs:
13. Trixie Scraps Designs:
14. Let Me Scrapbook!:
15. marie h designs:
16. studio 68:
17. Blue Flower Art:
18. Ronda's Scrap Bits:
19. Kooky Cat Designs:
20. Eyeinspire:
21. Digilicious Designs:
22. Designs by Angel:
23. designs by krista:
24. Snips and Snails Designs:
25. designs by Mandy King:
26. Luv Ewe Designs:
27. Word Art World:
28. Digi Cyber Scraps:
29. CandleWorks Scraps:
30. Scraps by Mara:
31. DeMoraes:
32. MaitriScraps:
33. AW Design:
34. Note‐able Scraps:
35. Amanda Carlson - Blue Umbrella Designs:
36. A‐liya:
37. *Designer Removed From List*
38. My 4 Princesses Designs:
39. The Brown Owl:
40. mariscrap: http://mimi‐
41. CaroleCreations: http://digi‐
42. Bon Scrapatit Designs:
43. Alejas Designs:
44. Marisa Lerin:
45. Pizazz Pixels:
46. scrappamondo by monica:
47. Dawn by Design:
48. Deli Scraps:
49. Aimee Harrison:
50. The Kit Cart Designs:
51. Damsel Designs:
52. 4 My Babies Scraps:
53. QueenPamedalah:
54. by the Shore designs:
55. Cinnamon Scraps:
56. Amber Shaw:
57. SnickerdoodleDesigns by Karen:
58. Key of D Designs:
59. violamoni:
60. A Little Love Designs:
61. Sugarbutt Designs:
62. Myst Designs:
63. A‐Manda Creation:
64. Digi Scrap Delights:
65. jusme digital:
66. Karen Diamond Designs:
67. Dana's Footprint Digtial Design:
68. MagsGraphics:
69. Shabby Abby Studio:
70. Horsedreamn Designs:
71. WinksArt Graphics:
72. Queen Bee Scraps:
73. Laura Banasiak: http://www.simply‐
74. Robyn Pail Designs:

Please remember with 74 designers we are destined to not have everyone up at the same time, so please be patient :)  Remember if you can't comment on everyones parts, feel free to leave love for our designers here on this blog or even on our Facebook Page!

Thank You!