Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 2012 Blog Train Is Here!

Welcome to the July 2012 Blog Train!! This month, Tanya came up with the idea of doing a "Camping" themed kit! What a great Idea for this summer month, and we hope it'd be a change from the usual 4th of July kits you get around this time of year.  Enjoy!!

Karen Diamond Designs
Luv Ewe Designs
FranB Designs
Note-able Scraps
Aimee Harrison
WinksArt Graphics
Daybreak Scraps
Wishing Well creations
Damsel Designs
Bon Scrapatit Designs
Digi Deborah Designs
BrownEyedSusan Designs
The Brown Owl
Digilicious Designs
Amanda & Millie Designs
Keep in Touch Designs
Simply Kelly Designs
Christine Smith Digital Design
Digital Harmony Design Studio
Created by Jill Scraps
MerCas Designs
Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage
Digi Cyber Scraps
designs by krista
Sugarbutt Designs
Designs by Sherri Tierney
Snips and Snails Designs
Queen Pamedalah
Dawn by Design
Queen Bee Scraps
Armina Designs
Scraps by Missy
Kooky Cat Designs
Ponytails Designs
Ronda's Scrap Bits
F Studio Design
Let Me Scrapbook!
Mikki Designs
Three Owls In A Nest
Marisa Lerin
J. Conlon and Sons
Word Art World
Trixie Scraps Designs
Pizazz Pixels
m&m designs
Sunrise Scraps
Delicious Scraps
Blue Flower Art
Sanko Studio
4 My Babies Scraps
Robin Sampson
My Digi Chocolate
Carin Grobe Design
Mel Hains
Scrap-n-a-Snap Designs
Designs by Angel
Snuggle Berry Pie Designs
Busy crafting mommy designs


  1. as one of your non USA fans I'm delighted at a different July theme - thanks in anticipation of all the goodies I'm about to find

  2. Is there any way to download without a Windows LiveID. I don't want one and several artists are using SkyDrive. Help please.

  3. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate all of the work the designers did to make their contributions to this fabulous blog train.


  4. Thank you so much to all of the designers!

  5. Thank you very much! It is so helpful to have a list on one page so when my internet cuts off I can find where I was :)

  6. Thank you!Thank you!Thank you! To all you wonderfully generous people. Love this camping kit(s). I so appreciate all you have shared!

  7. Thank you, all, for sharing your amazing talent:)

  8. Amazing kit and very talented designers! Thanks so much! I had fun! :)
    xx Tracey xx

  9. I love this whole camping theme. Thank you, the designers did a fabulous job, as always.

  10. Thanks to all of you for such a wonderful theme. Love the colours.

  11. FYI - the very first link is coming up as a WARNING from GOOGLE - a site known for malware. I'm sure it's a mistake, but it's a scary warning nonetheless!!

  12. If I missed thanking someone, sorry. I do thank absolutely everyone for the wonderful talent they shared.

  13. Thanks for all the wonderful stops! Love it!!
    Suggestion: Is it possible for future hops to note which designers offer a direct link (instead of needing to visit the hosting site)? I'd like to avoid viruses.

  14. Is anyone else having trouble accessing Armina Designs?? I keep getting "sorry page not found" .. even when I try to access the blog from Armina Designs shop?? Any help would be appreciated :)

  15. Just an update .. there is NO DL AVAILABLE at F STUDIO DESIGN .. just a "heads up" .. obviously there has been a hiccup in her life!!

  16. A very big thank you to all the wonderful designers who contributed to this month's Camping theme blog train .. there is always so much diversity amongst all the pieces offered by all the very generous designers!! Thank you to each and every one of you :):):)

  17. A huge THANK YOU for all the freebies everyone shared on the Camping Blog Train & thank you for introducing me to some designers that I didn't know about....definitely going back & checking them out....saw some fabulous kits, masks, templates, alphas, quickpages, etc. that I want to purchase soon!

    THANK YOU FOR ALL ALL OF YOU DID!!! Happy 4th of July from an American that LOVES THIS COUNTRY & ALL IT STANDS FOR!!!

  18. These look great! Thank you!

  19. I'm about halfway through the links so far, and I just had to stop downloading to come say an enormous THANK YOU for all of the fabulous kits being offered here. I am blown away by the talent on display here; you guys have FAR outdone yourself this time around!

    Sharon in MI

  20. I would just like to say "Thanks" to all the wonderful designers that contributed to this great Blog Train. You are all extremely talented and generous !!!!

  21. Thank you - what a lovely range of kits people have put together! I love BLOGTRAIN months!

  22. I couldn't leave thank yous on every page. I don't want to seem ungrateful, but I don't have memberships to every blog. Thank you to all the designers for all their work.

  23. Wanted to leave a HUGE Thankyou for all the designers who - as usual - have done fantastic things with the colour scheme and theme for this months train.
    Sad to say I could not dowload a fair few portions as it kept coming up saying that they were in violition of the download sites terms and conditions so could not be downloaded. Not sure what the deal is there as it was all MediaFire downloads that the message came up on although some of the mediafire downloads did work so it is not an across the board issue.

  24. I had some of the same issues Jenny! Hope that it's fixed soon because there was some really cute stuff in there. All that I tried to get were so cute and I thank all the designers for being so generous!

  25. This is so perfect!!! Wow. Much talent here. Thank you designers.

  26. This has been such an amazing train. TY ALL to everyone who shared all of there hard work and awesome designs with all of us!! xx

  27. Thank you for organizing this awesome Blog Train. I appreciate all the hard work you do to make this happen every other month and stand in awe of the generosity of the many talented designers.

  28. Thank you so much to all designers for this wonderful Train!!! =D

    There is trouble with Mediafire for some of the designers' pieces like:
    Note-able Scraps, Created by Jill Scraps, MaitriScraps, Queen Pamedalah, Let Me Scrapbook!, Designs by Angel...

  29. I came back tonight to finish the train, and am finding that 3/4s of the designers sites are giving the message: Blocked for a violation of our TOS.
    Going to bed and will try again tomorrow. Hope it is fixed by then.. I am only half way through after wasting a couple of hours tonight, before I realized it must be a systemic problem.

  30. Thanks so very much to all the designers on this GREAT!!!!!! train. I couldn't get everyone's either because of media fire saying some were blocked for violation. But will check back on those later. This is always an aawesome train to follow.

  31. I am thrilled with what I got, but really like the ones I couldn't. Hope it gets fixed soon. I tried just now and it s still "broken"!

  32. Thanks to every one - lovely, lovely kits.

  33. Thanks to all the designers, what a fantastic collection of mini-kits from all!

  34. A great big THANKS to all the designers who have contributed to this fantastic kit!!!

  35. MediaFire is not working as a download in any site.. it runs in circles. I wish I could have completed the Train...

  36. Woohoo!! I really enjoyed being in this train! And, I am really looking forward to using all the pieces of this train!


  37. I want to be in this train too!

  38. This has to be one of my favorite trains ever...thank you so much from this camper girl in Colorado!!


  39. This has been a WONDERFUL train! I love the colors, the theme - perfect!! Thank you for putting it together and treating us to this wonderful collab!

    I'm very thankful for the direct downloads; but I really don't mind waiting a few minutes for a download. What I DO mind is the use of 4Shared. I don't/won't have an account with them, so I am missing some lovely contributions! I'm sure I'm not the only one. Wish I could tell ahead of time which ones those are!!

    I've noticed that often designers resort to switching to 4Shared when download limits are exceeded, and people complain. What I wish is that more designers would do what a few have done: when limits are exceeded, add a 4Shared link, but leave the original link. I find that when I visit mid-month, those original links work perfectly well.

    Thank you again for such a fantastic train!

  40. I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work y'all put in to the kits they look great!!!

  41. Thanks again to you all- especially those that left their blog train pieces up all month- I had downloaded early this month and then had a hard drive crash (my EHD hasn't worked since April). Both are now fixed- I've downloaded and am now headed to do a back up. Thanks so much- you guys are awesome- both in talent and in kindness!!!!

  42. Thank you to all your talented designers for all the hard work and creativity! Thanks especially to all those who did direct downloads. I'm thinking of a particular set of photos that I want to scrap as I'm downloading these!

    1. BTW, I agree with anitab about 4shared. I REALLY don't like them.

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