How To Participate:

Do You Qualify??

A lot of you always ask.. "how do I participate" in the Blog Trains every other month Here are the steps:

1. You must be a digi designer and design your OWN products {CT members are not allowed to create items for you}

2. You must have an active designer BLOG {store blog's are not allowed unless you sell from your pesonal store}

3. You must be a member of the Designer Conference Center @ {if you click the link and its asking you for permission.. you are NOT a member of that FORUM!

4. If you are not a member of the Designer Conference Center: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU MEET ALL THE REQUIREMENTS SET FORTH BY THE DST STAFF: From DST:  This forum is by application only. Please submit a help ticket with the following: *DST user name *Designer name *Current, ACTIVE store link or site link - requests will not be processed without this information. Please allow 72 hours for response.

^^^You need to follow the instructions posted in the details of the Designer Conference Center at {it is the LAST forum on the site}

If you meet the requirements above, and would like to be NOTIFIED when the sign ups/ planning events have been posted, please sign up for our DESIGNER ONLY NEWSLETTER

 There is NO set forum/ date/ time for the blog train planning , We simply use The DST Conference Center as a "protected" way to organize the designers and protect our designs so they are not revealed prior to the train launching. We appreciate DST letting us use their protected forum every other month.