About Our Links:

When you visit a designers page, you may have to sometimes "look" for the post with the blog train contribution. We are from all over the world on different time zones so here are our standards for each blog train that is held.

-Blog trains are held every other month (and switch months each year).

-Blog trains go "live" sometime on the 1st of the month. Due to different time zones, some get posted at midnight the night before and others not till later in the afternoon. The Official list will always be posted by 8am ON the 1st (PST)

-Please only refer to the full list posted here on this blog train for it is the only list to be completely updated each month. Each designer will post a link to the designers blog who is NEXT on the list, however we all know some designers fall through and this could be frustrating when trying to get your next links.

-Blog train contributions will be available to download on each designers blog for a MINIMUM of 30 days. After which the designer has the choice to put their contribution ON SALE in their shop if they choose.

-Blog train contributions are available for download via the designers choice of venue: 4-shared, mediafire or their own hosting (direct download). I (Host of the Blog Train Blog) am not responsible for the venue each designer chooses to use for their downloads.

-QUALITY: The Blog Train Blog is not responsible for the quality of the items put out by the individual designer. Each designer is responsible to check their products. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email them to:
trishheffner AT me DOT com  with "BLOG TRAIN" in the subject line.

(To notify me of designers who have not posted their contributions within 3 DAYS of the train launching.. please EMAIL : trishheffner AT me DOT com  with "BLOG TRAIN" in the subject line. )