Saturday, October 1, 2011

2011 October Blog Train Is Here!

Hello All and welcome to the October 2011 Blog Train!

1.  Lollipop Designs
2.  Jumbbumble
3.  Mad Genius Designs
4.  Blue Heart Scraps
5.  MagsGraphics
6.  HunnyBee Design
7.  Sugar Kissed Designs
8. *removed From list*
9.  Cassel
10.  Truman Studio
11.  Let Me Scrapbook!
12.  Monkey Mesh Designs
13.  Ronda's Scrap Bits
14.  Roseytoes Designs
15.  Marie H designs
16.  Trixie Scraps Designs
17.  Crafting Your Special Delivery Designs
18.  *removed From list*
19.  Ocean Wide Designs
20.  Mandy King
21.  Darlene Designs
22.  Sherwood Studio Digital Designs
23.  Dana's Footprint Designs
24.  *Removed From List*
25.  WendyBird Designs
26.  BZB Designs
27.  Ellie Lash Designs
28.  Studio 68
29.  Digilicious Designs
30.  A-liya
31.  AW Design
32.  Scraps by Mara
33.  Simply Kelly Designs
34.  Feli Designs
35.  Amanda & Millie Designs
36.  Jellebelleke's Designs
37.  *Removed From List*
38. Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage
39.  Digi Deborah's Designs
40.  jusme digital
41.  SugarBeans
42.  Eyeinspire
43.  Shel Belle Scraps
44.  Snips and Snails Designs
45.  Lacey Bittner Designs
46.  *Removed From List*
47.  *removed From list*
48.  Kooky Cat Designs
49.  Wishing Well Creations
50.  3 Lil Monsters Designs
51.  *Removed From List*
52.  Kathy Winters Designs
53.  Sugar Moon Designs
54.  Pardon the Mess
55.  *Removed From List*
56.  Word Art World by Jennifer
57.  HotFlashDesigns
58.  Jen C Designs
59.  Cabana Girl Designs
60.  JanetB Designs
61.  Luv Ewe Designs
62. Digital Harmony Design Studio
63.  Creative Intentionz
64.  Scrappin Wright
65.  Miki Designs
66.  Barbara Speck Designs
67.  MaitriScraps
68.  Snuggle Berry Pie Designs
69.  In The Small Things
70.  Jensen Motley Crew Designs
71.  Tracie Stroud Designs
72.  digidesigned byWilma
73.  ViolaMoni
74.  Keep in touch designs
75.  Ramona Memories
76.  Louise Franks {Digiscrapping} Designs
77.  Armina designs
78.  *Removed From List*
79.  designs by krista
80.  Designs by Angel
81.  Mommyish
82.  DigitalGator Designs
83.  Delicious Scraps
84.  Digital Paper Press
85.  Kim Jensen
86.  *Designer Removed From List*
87.  The Urban Fairy
88.  No Reimer Reason
89.  Created by Jill Scraps
90.  My 4 Princesses Designs
91.  MoonDesigns
92.  Studio Q
93.  MetaWulandariDesign
94.  5Star Digital Scrapbooking
95.  The Brown Owl
96.  Willow Grace Designs
97.  Mariscrap
99.  Sunny Day Scraps
100. Jen Maddocks Designs
101. Girl Boy Girl Designs
102. Bon Scrapatit Designs
103. Charm City Scraps
104. Digital ARTchives
105. Steadfast and Immovable
106. *removed From List*
107. Farynar's Wings
108. *Removed From List*
109. Alejas Designs
110. Marisa Lerin
111. *Removed From List*
112. Aquarius Design
113. Color With Caryn
114. *Removed From List*
115. Kakleidesigns
116. Idgie's Heartsong
117. StarSongStudio
118. Rieka_Rafita
119. Scrappamondo by Monica
120. Deli Scraps by Min
121. Forget-Me-Nots by Theresa Lindamood
122. Amanda Heimann Designs
123. *removed From List*
124. *Removed From List*
125. *Removed From List*
126. Cari Lopez

Remember we are all on different time zones and it may take some designers longer than others to post their parts! This blog train contains FREE digital scrapbooking goodies so please keep that in mind.


  1. Amazing part Ladies...congrats eveyrone!!!

  2. Toot, toot! Good morning lovely lady! Thank you for another AMAZING ride through Scrapland Trish and may you and your precious family enjoy this MOST wonderful time of the year! YAY for cooler weather ;)


  3. Apologies to anyone who tried and failed to download mine at I was away from home when some technical problems became apparent and couldn't do anything about it. By the time I got home the problem seemed to have resolved itself! All is well now though so feel free to pop back and snag your kit :)

  4. this has been a great ride. thank you so much, you are a true gift to all of us. ♥

  5. The link for #10 Truman Studio - http://trumanstudio/blog is wrong.

    I got to if from

  6. Link #112

  7. Amazing collection. Thank you to all contributors.

  8. Download link for Monkey Mesh designs gets 404 not found error *and* impossible to leave comment at her blog because her spam blocker keeps telling you to go back & type in password -- which is already typed in....

    Otherwise amazing job all you ladies have done! Thanks so much!

  9. Thank you to everyone! I ordinarily post on each spot I download from, but i had shoulder surgery two weeks ago and am still not able to do much typing. So, for this month, I hope this single Thank you will be sufficient!

  10. Thank you to all the wonderful designers who took the time to make a piece of this blog train. :)

  11. Wow Jess, you did an awesome job putting this all together and thanks also to the incredibly talented designers!

  12. Thank you all very much. I had a great time on the blog train and discovered some wonderful new designers (new to me that is).

  13. Several changes have been made to broken links etc.. so hopefully everything is fixed now :)

  14. Beautiful work everyone!
    I have to say that I prefer an overarching theme for these collabs. I have everything from under the sea to love, to coffee and although everything is awesome I definitely prefer a unifying theme.

  15. Loved the colours in this train. Sorry to say I was unable to spend the time thanking each and every designer personally. As the train is so large even with missing out the ones which had nothing up or I did not think i could use it has taken me over one and half hours to download everything - and now it all needs unzipping etc. I really want to be able to let all of the designers know they are appreciated but can not add (at a guess) an extra half hour on to that time - think my husband would not appreciate coming home to find that nothing had been done and my son definately would not like to be left at school ! Is it possible to create a page which is for ALL of the desingers to go and see peoples thanks ??? Thereby saving people feeling guilty about not being able to thank everyone individually and also making the desingers feel loved - as they should be for all their hard work.

  16. Thanks for putting this together. I have found some wonderful designers by following this train.

  17. For some reason, I cannot access digilicious design's site. It refuses to load.

  18. wow cool. they have the best designs when it comes to model trains. just what i need cause im creating my own layout now.

  19. This is one wonderful work of art.You must have give so much time to dedicated this passion on those habit.It is always good to know that their are blogs so dedicated to providing information that is seriously concerned with the reader’s needs.Thanks for sharing your insights with us through your blog.

  20. Thankyou to all who posted their Awesome work for us to download .. I Love them all .. there was a few i could not find so if anyone else did please let me know how .. # 51 55 78 84 111 114 123 125 thanks .. xx

  21. Still cant access digilicious design's website for some reason and couldn't find misty cato's portion.

  22. Another update has been made to links and removing designers. Just so the public knows, we have a 3 step check process for designers participating in this train. If they do not have their portions up within 1 to 3 days of the train going live, then they have deliberately signed up followed all the steps required and failed to provide a portion. I am sorry for this, but when it comes down to it I have NO control over what the designers do in the end.

    Leaving thanks to the designers on FB and here on this blog for all the designers is more than enough thanks than a lot get already. We all appreciate the time it takes to download and file away each designers part or the parts you have chosen to download.

    As for those wanting a specific theme, it is something that I have addressed and wanted to give the designers a little freedom in choosing what they could design etc... I'm already gathering ideas for December!

  23. Thanks to all these talented designers for sharing their creations with us for free.

  24. I was blown away by the fabulous of all the kits this month. I was prepared to only download the ones that really caught my eye as I'm running out of hard drive space. I think I downloaded everyone. Thank you to everyone if I wasn't able to leave you a comment on your blog.

  25. I really want to thank all the designers but especially appreciate those who leave up their links for extra time. It's really difficult to get to everyone's site on a slower net. I've tried to leave love on everyone's blog but I may have missed out on a few and a few I haven't gotten to yet. So thank you so much!

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