Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 2012 Blog Train!

Welcome to the 2012 Blog Train !  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

This train is going to be a little different the first week for the simple fact that my family has been on vacation since the 26th of December and (of course this post is being written a few days prior :) ).  If someone doesn't have a part up, well, it may take me a few days to get to removing it ... Hope you all enjoy!!

Here is the swatch being used for Jan 2012:

  1. Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage
  2. Digital Harmony
  3. Digi Deborah Designs
  4. Ocean Wide Designs
  5. HotFlashDesigns
  6. Snackpackgu's Designs
  7. Wishing Well Creations
  8. Amanda & Millie Designs
  9. Trixie Scraps Designs
  10. Studio Linda Renee
  11. Let Me Scrapbook!
  12. Marie h designs
  13. studio 68
  14. Blue Flower Art
  15. Ronda's Scrap Bits
  16. SugarBeans Design
  17. Eyeinspire
  18. Pardon the Mess
  19. WendyBird Designs
  20. Digilicious Designs
  21. Milly Dee
  22. Mikki Designs
  23. Designs by Angel
  24. Jen C Designs
  25. designs by krista
  26. Snips and Snails Designs
  27. jusme digital
  28. 3 Li'l Monsters Designs
  29. OutsideTheBoxDesignStudio
  30. MagsGraphics
  31. Luv Ewe Designs
  32. Word Art World
  33. roseytoes designs
  34. Dana's Footprint Digtial Design
  35. Scraps by Mara
  36. DeMoraes Http://
  37. The Urban Fairy
  38. Scrappin Wright
  39. MaitriScraps
  40. AW Design
  41. Ramona Memories
  42. Coloryourmemories
  43. A-liya
  44. My 4 Princesses Designs
  45. The Brown Owl
  46. Mye De Leon
  47. Bon Scrapatit Designs
  48. Alejas Designs
  49. Marisa Lerin
  50. Pizazz Pixels
  51. Dawn by Design
  52. Aimee Harrison
  53. Today's Scrap
  54. Damsel Designs
  55. 4 My Babies Scraps
  56. Elaine Therese Digital Designs
  57. KatyBugScraps
  58. Jumpstart Designs
  59. Stargazy Creations
  60. by the Shore designs
  61. Cinnamon Scraps
  62. SnickerdoodleDesignsByKaren
  63. Missys_bits
  64. A Little Love Designs
  65. Stamper
  66. Myst Designs
  67. A-Manda Creation
  68. FranB Designs
  69. Angie Kovacs Digital Designs
  70. AmandaVz Designs
  71. Julie Enriquez Designs


  1. thank you for the ride and a very Happy New Year. ♥

  2. Thank you very much - Happy new Year!!

  3. Oh what a way to start out the new year, with resolve to actually scrapbook with these delicious designs instead of just drooling over how pretty they all are. :)

  4. Thanks once again for a Awesome Ride :) Happy New Year

  5. thank you for the ride, look forward to using the kit :)

  6. Thank you very much for you work and generosity. If it weren't for it, I wouldn't be able to do so many scrapbooking.
    Happy new year to all.

  7. thank you so much, this was fun :)

  8. WOW!!!!! That was SOME ride!! Thanks so much for all the hard work & the awesome freebies that everyone so generously shared!!

  9. Thank you so much! As always, it was a fun ride! You are all soooo talented! Can't wait to scrap with these kits! Happy New Year!!! : )

  10. Thank you all for the ride, the kits were awesome. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  11. Thank you so much for all your wonderful work!

  12. Thank you to all of the designers this train looks great !

  13. As always - thanks for all the effort everyone has contributed. I love it.

  14. My computer was significantly corrupted sometime during the Nov 2011 blog train, but I got it fixed, and the data was a little fuzzy, so I wrote it off as a coincidence. I skipped December.

    I started to follow this blog train, and only got as far as the first 25 stops. My computer was corrupted again! Cleansed thoroughly. No more blog trains for me.

    The "free" or "cheap" download sites are somehow the problem. Wish I could be more specific, but will NOT experiment further.

  15. Postscript: Yes, my anti-virus program is up to date. Yes, my firewall is working. These two incidents are the only problems of this nature I've experienced in about 15 years.

    The symptom is that when you hover over or click a button, it activates, multiple times, very rapidly. If you start a program, it starts so many times, so quickly, that it overwhelms even a very powerful computer. The only fix was to do system restore in safe mode. Even that was difficult, as logging in tended to activate the same keystroke sequence.

  16. I've been downloading these blog trains for a couple of years now, and have never experienced any problems from the files.

    Thanks to all the wonderful designers again this month for sharing your talent and wonderful work with us.

  17. I've ride the train ^^ Thanks for all the hard work everyone! :) And for those who want i got a little suprice in my blog matching this kit ^^

  18. Barbara, considering you are the only one (that i've heard of) with an infected computer when downloading, It is not the blog train that is giving you these viruses, its the sites that you are downloading from (4-shared, media fire etc)... those sites sometimes have ad's on the side of the screen, and if you just barely click on them or click on the "fake" download button you will contract viruses. I can only encourage the designers to use their own hosting or pay for direct downloads but I can't make them. I am sorry your computer has gotten affected by downloading, however it is not the designers files causing it.

  19. I'm sure it's not the designer files themselves. But there are new malware tools out there that ONLY require gliding the mouse over the ad; they do NOT even require a click. I am careful about clicks. I submit that the 4-shared and media fire sites are the problem, not the designers. But as long as so many of the designers use these, I WILL shop elsewhere, and not risk a problem by visiting the blog train designer sites.

    I have another friend here in town who abandoned the blog train last fall, same reason. We're both very tech-savvy; I run a software company and she works for one. I think it's important for your designers to really consider the frustration they cause by relying on "free" or cheap download sites. I know it's up to them. It's easier for me to shop elsewhere, such as at ScrapGirls, where I KNOW the download site is safe. It's all about choices.

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  21. Thank you for all your hard work. Wonderful colors and artist involved. :)

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