Friday, April 1, 2011

*April's Blog Train Blog* Pirates NOT Allowed

All of the designers that hopped aboard this train, really put a lot of thought and feeling into this kit. We decided to try to make a statement to all those Digital Pirates out there (kit/file stealers) that you are not welcome in our world. Pirates NOT Allowed, is a kit that we have put together to take a stand as a whole community.
We made it light and fun, so it can be used for other purposes, but please remember that file sharing, and pirating is just plain wrong and illegal. It isn't hard if you want to "share our products" to simply LINK to our blogs/ stores. Don't steal and for sure don't pass them off as your own. We work hard and spend lots of time on our designs, whether big or small, and we deserve the credit.

I applaud all of the designers who have come together to make a statement.

"Piracy Is NOT Allowed"

So I am here today to bring you this Fabulous list of 101 Designers for the presentation of:

Here is a slide-show of *most* of the part's you'll be collecting along the way:

*Please remember our designers are from ALL over the world, and time differences do play a factor in when they get their parts up. Please notify me if you do not see a designers part up within 1 full day of the train launching. ALL parts SHOULD be active for a full 30 days, after which we have allowed some designers to put their parts in stores they sell in. So if you see a part and it isn't available, you might just find it in their store :)

1. Trish H. Designs
2. KimericKreations
3. Kat's Creations
4. JayaPrem's Hangout
5. Jen C Designs
6. Hot Flash Designs
7. jusme digital
8. MagsGraphics
9. Pixiemama Designs
10. Nibbles Skribbles
11. Sprouting Seeds Studio
12. *Designer Removed*
13. Kate's Digital Designs
14. JW-DigiScraps
15. Delicious Scraps
16. FoxyDesigns
17. *Designer Removed*
18. Misty O'Brien
19. Scrap with AW Design
20. Mikki Designs
21. Psychozoe_Designs
22. *Designer Removed*
23. Wishing Well Creations
24. CharmCityScraps
25. Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage
26. HunnyBee Design
27. Marie H designs
28. wilma4ever
29. JennCk Designs
30. RebeccaPSP Designs
31. Sweet Tomato Designs
32. Shel Belle Scraps
33. Wyld Web Designs
34. Bonnie Blou Designs
35. Ocean Wide Designs
36. Mandy King
37. Eyeinspire
38. Mommyish
39. Designs by Angel
40. Benthaicreations
41. CC’s digital designs
42. Polka Dot Pixels
43. Alejas Designs
44. Ronda's Scrap Bits
45. *Designer Removed*
46. Designs by Connie Prince
47. Sherwood Studio Designs
48. My 4 Princesses Designs
49. Blue Flower Art
50. *Designer Removed*
51. Digital Harmony Design Studio
52. Digilicious Designs
54. A-liya's dreams
55. Snackpackgu's Designs
56. *Designer Removed*
57. Inspired Designs
58. MoonDesigns
59. Jen Reed Designs
60. Willow Grace Designs
61. Steadfast and Immovable
62. t for me designs
63. Aimee Harrison Design Studios
64. Hornbuckle Designs
65. Sugar Kissed Designs
66. Digi Deborah Designs
67. Scraps By Mara
68. *Designer Removed*
69. MaitriScraps
70. Snips and Snails Designs
71. Word Art World
72. Luv Ewe Designs
73. Ramona Memories
74. DigitalGator Designs
75. Jeanine DeOre Design Studio
76. Girl Boy Girl Designs by Jen Balding
77. Albums to Remember Designs
78. ViolaMoni
79. ColleenLynch
80. *Designer Removed*
81. Color With Caryn
82. Circle Of Life Studio
83. Doodling Divas & Wild Roses Doodles
84. Bon Scrapatit Designs
85. Designs By Tracy
86. Brandi White
87. Munchkyn Scraps
88. Nette's NightOwl Works
89. Scrapper's Delights
90. Albina Design
91. Armina Designs
92. Z Pink Boudoir Designs
93. Unforgettable Moments
94. The Brown Owl
95. Four Little Pixels Designs
96. Pardon the Mess
97. Mistica Designs
98. jumbbumble designs
99. Robyn Pali Designs
100. Brine Design
101. Jen Maddocks Designs
102. Design by Anita
103. eqrAveziur graphic and design


  1. Thanks everyone. What a fun theme and an important message!

  2. I wish I could post smileys here! YES!!! this is awesome!

  3. Thank you to all the designer's for creating such beautiful mini kits. I appreciate all the hard work and time you spent creating them. Thank you for sharing with us. I posted a link and some details about your piracy blog train on my blog. Hope thats ok, if not let me know and I'll remove it.


    {Pattie's passion}
    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!

  4. THIS IS AWESOME! :) I will definitely be using this kit and blogging about it as well. What a great (and timely) theme.

    Thank you all so much for sharing!

  5. Thanks to everyone for their hard work! There are so many cute things in my "no pirates allowed" folder, I'm ecstatic! Can't wait to play with them.

  6. It's a good and actual theme, much appreciation for making the point about the piracy. And everyone's work is awesome. Thank you!

  7. Great work everyone. I thank you for the message. I thank you for these fun trains!

  8. the post before me (LB) perfectly put!

    choo choo! thank yoou!!

  9. Once again, a terrific Blog Train! Thank you to everyone who contributed to it!

    Love the message too!

  10. Thank you for putting this together each month!! I always look forward to it!

  11. I love this, the designers have put together another wonderful Blog Train! Ahoy mateys

  12. Such a wonderful team effort. Thanks to every designer involved.

  13. Once again, thanks so much to all the wonderful designers who participate to make up the fabulous blog trains we get here!

  14. Thanks to all the great designers who participate in this blog train. I love seeing everyone's products and always manage to find some other items to buy!

  15. Wow! What a production! Thank you so much. Even more thanks for those offering direct links. And many many more thanks to those who were s4h friendly. And finally, thank goodness for automatic extraction programs. Now time to unzip many fabulous pirate-y elements... :)

  16. Awesome kits - thank you so much!

    And thanks for bringing attention to this problem.

  17. What a brilliant theme and fabulous contributions.

    As a brand new designer I'm guessing piracy may become something that concerns me as well so I shall be sure to support all of these designers by downloading and leaving some comment love, and of course ensuring the 'No piracy' message continues to be spread.

  18. Thanks for a great train.
    Just thought I'd let you know, Studio RA Designs' part is not up yet...

  19. Wow, this is great, I have two sets of pictures with a pirate theme to scrap! and a good cause!

  20. A BIG THANKS to all the designers for their beautiful work....THANKS SO MUCH for sharing!!!!

  21. What a fabulous train - they are always good but this one has left my hard drive groaning! Such beautiful designs. A massive thank you to all involved - designers and organisers. SO many people avoided using 4-share that the downloading was a breeze too and the train was a complete pleasure.

    I sincerely hope that the message will come across not just to the pirates themselves but the people that buy/download from them. If it does not look like the work of one person or has a different name on the PV - think twice and check!!

    Hugs and best wishes

  22. Thanks so much, everyone! Such tremendous work!

  23. Thank you to all who participated!
    This is a list of who I do not have yet, as they haven't posted:
    12: Studio RA
    22: Christina P
    45: Trixie Scraps
    56: Angel Hartline
    64: Hornbuckle
    68: BeeHaven
    87: Munchkyn
    Are these what others are missing as well?

  24. Luv, luv, luv all these great kits, thanks so much. Great work!

  25. Thank you Ladies, for all your hard work! Such beautiful work!
    I am also VERY thankful for the direct links and the MediaFire links. I had trouble with some of the 4-Shared links, as usual :(

    The list of 7 designers above still don't have their parts up, so I'm assuming either they forgot or they've simply been too busy with other things. Understandable, but maybe their links should be removed from the list for those who have yet to ride the train? Just a suggestion.

    Thanks again! What a fun, but very important, theme!

  26. A big thank you to ALL the wonderful designers. Love this blog train. I have some cute pirate pictures to scrap, so this will be perfect!


  27. Of the list of designers above, I am also missing no 50 - Just Creations...or am I missing something on the page?

    No biggie I understand that things can happen, but agree that maybe the links should be removed.

    Love this train and thanks for all the wonderful work of the designers

  28. I commented on each designer's blog if I DLed their portion...but I wanted to say here THANK YOU for another wonderful blog train! And it's a wonderful theme with a great message! My DD (3.5yo) saw a few of the blogs as I was DLing and loved everything! :) She isn't big into pirates, but this blog train might change that. :)

  29. Still missing...
    12: Studio RA
    22: Christina P
    45: Trixie Scraps
    50: Just Creations
    56: Angel Hartline (She answered me and won't be posting)
    68: BeeHaven
    87: Munchkyn Scraps
    I really appreciate all of the contributions but it is frustrating to continue looking for those missing, not sure why they can't have their names removed.

    87: Munchkyn

  30. Awesome Blog Train .. Thanks to all who gave their time to do a part for it.. xx

  31. Thanks so much for this blog train!

  32. Thank you all so much for another fabulous blog train!! What a massive effort it must be to pull it all together!! Just wanted to say an extra "thank you" to let you all know how much your generosity is appreciated .. I am always soooo excited as I chug along to see what the next person has designed! MWAH !! I hope that the theme behind the train is taken notice of by the relevant persons!! xxx

  33. Thank you for such a great train!

  34. As a fellow designer, I appreciate the concept of this train. Although I didn't comment on many of the dl's because my computer time is limited, I do appreciate the effort that went into making each and every contribution. Also, both my kids were pirates last halloween, will be this halloween and we're having a pirate theme party on our vacation cruise. These wonderful kits will come in handy.

  35. Thank you designers. May I respectfully suggest that designers be VERY careful about how they name their files? Some unzipped to "untitled-1.jpg", "untitled-2.jpg" and some don't have names that tie to their stores or are easy to decipher. To retain credit for your work, a key step is to name your product files clearly. Thanks for listening.

  36. I've just sent five hours visiting each site and downloading (almost) everything. Thank you all so much for a fun project with an important message.

  37. A big THANK YOU! to everyone who participated and shared all these wonderful kits. I didn't comment on all the blogs, sorry. Last time I did put my email to comments where it was required and was flooded with spams and phishing attempts. I know it's not due to anyone's fault but I have to skip these for now. Anywhoo, to all of you:
    Thank you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  38. I just wanted send a HUGE thank you to all the ladies who participated in the blog train this month. Its always such a fun way to spend an afternoon browsing all the sites and seeing all the great layouts while getting freebies along the way. Your generosity is awesome!!!!
    Thank you!!!
    Oh.....and PS......Now my 13 year old daughter has become an addict and also spent her day today chugging along the train getting her own ideas and freebies.

  39. i just wanted to say thank you to everyone that took time out of their day to do these blog trains. My mom loves to scrapbook and i just started. I would not have been able to start or get to where i am without this blog train and my mom to get me mom is a GREAT blogger and i want to be as good as my mom one day, because of this train i think i will be great one day too!
    Again thank you!

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