Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February (2011) Blog Train Blog: My Heart's Dream.

Hello all and I am sure a lot of you are saying "wow, 2 trains in a row??" well, yup! You lucked out. Each year we double up toward the end of the year on the "Even" years, and double up on teh beginning of the year for "Odd" years. So that the designers get to participate in trains for different months each year.

So I am here today to bring you this Fabulous list of 100 Designers for the presentation of:

Here is a slideshow of *most* of the part's you'll be collecting along the way:

*Please remember our designers are from ALL over the world, and time differences do play a factor in when they get their parts up.  Please notify me if you do not see a designers part up within 1 full day of the train launching. ALL parts SHOULD be active for a full 30 days, after which we have allowed some designers to put their parts in stores they sell in. So if you see a part and it isnt available, you might just find it in their store :)

1. Trish H. Designs
2. Jen C Designs
3. Mikki Designs
4. Queen Pamedalah
5. caged bird designs
6. Over The Moon Designs
7. AW Design
8. Victoria Feemster Designs
9. jusme digital
10. Digital Harmony
11. Snips and Snails Designs
12. Kate's Digital Designs
13. Misty O'Brien Designs
14. Mandy King
15. *Designer removed from list*
16. Munchkyn Scraps
17. Stargazy Creations
18. Charm City Scraps
19. A Work in Progress
20. My 4 Princesses Designs
21. JayaPrem's Hangout
22. Kathy Winters Designs
23. Crystal's Creations
24. Luv Ewe Designs
25. ViolaMoni
26. Designs by Angel
27. Delicious Scraps
28. Gabs-Art
29. Twin Mom Scraps
30. Milly Dee Designs
31. Wishing Well Creations
32. Blue Heart Scraps
33. Circle Of Life Studio Scraps
34. Hornbuckle Designs
35. KimericKreations
36. Siamese Studio
37. Ocean Wide Designs
38. Digilicious Designs
39. Diamond Ink Designs
40. eqrAveziur grafic design
41. Mye De Leon
42. Angel Hartline Designs
43. Aimee Harrison
44. Anelia.net
45. *Designer has been removed*
46. Dylabel Designs
47. Ninigoesdigi
48. Rose Thorn
49. Christine Smith Digital Design
50. pink reptile designs
51. Eyeinspire
52. jumbbumbledesigns
53. CC's digital designs
54. LauraMarie Scraps
55. Scraps by Mara
56. Sugar Kissed Designs
57. Wyld Web Designs
58. Digital Harmony
59. Bonnie Blou Designs
60. The Brown Owl
61. JanetB Designs
62. Snackpackgu
63. HunnyBee Design
64. Wilma4ever
65. Mistica Designs
66. Connie Prince
67. IvoryKeys Digital Dreams
68. Scrapmuss Designs
69. Rebeccapsp Designs
70. DigitalGator Designs
71. Brandi White Designs
72. Photocowgirl
73. Maggie May Designs by Laura Boetto
74. Jeanine DeOre Design Studio
75. Design by Anita
76. Pixeled Memories
77. Aprilisa Designs
78. Sugar Pie Scraps
79. Four Little Pixels Designs
80. Ruby Lane
81. BeeHaven Designz
82. Benthaicreations
83. ColleenLynch
84. FoxyDesigns
85. Just Passin' Thru
86. C.W. Picket and Co.
87. Trixie Scraps Designs
88. Designs By Laura Burger
89. Steadfast and Immovable
90. Sherwood Studio Digital Designs
91. Girl Boy Girl Designs {by jen balding}
92. Inspirations from Day
93. Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage
94. Roseytoes Designs
95. UnforgettableMomemts
96. Torta Gialla
97. Bon Scrapatit Designs
98. Pixie Perfect Designs
99. Jen Reed Designs
100. Scrapper's Delight
101. Studio RA Designs


  1. I want to thank each and every one of you who shared your gorgeous designs. I have a suggestion... Since there are so many stops on the blogtrain, it would be nice if the designers would use other file sites besides 4 shared. It takes hours to download all these files. It's worth it to me, but I know some may get frustrated.. and you don't want people leaving your blogs frustrated.. Just my 2 cents, thanks again!!! XOXO Susie

  2. Girls,
    you rock !
    Thank for all the goodies !

  3. I just checked the link provided by MissLadyHawke and she is correct in saying that the site is pirating the kits. The site in question seems to think that it is ok to repost freebies for download and have obviously collected the original files by following the blog train and then uploading their own copies for download!

    Behaviour such as this spoils the spirit of blog trains.

    Thank you to everyone who spent hours creating these wonderful kits for the use of honest scrappers around the world.

  4. SOOO excited that at least half of this train had DIRECT downloads! The wait times at 4shared are always too long and the pop-up issues at Mediafire are a nightmare so I rarely stop at blogs that don't offer a direct way to download. To have so many this time around was a nice treat!

  5. on another note, the direct downloads have always been the best way for me to dl stuff, but this time my computer (I think it was my IE browser)gave me trouble with all of those,... does anyone know how to avoid that problem? (besides switching browsers) lol

  6. Thanks to everyone, Excellent train .. Ditto about the 4shared, most of the time i have to wait over 300 secs before downloading so the direct ones are MOST EXCELLENT :-)

  7. I've just discovered the blog train and I must say WOW... what gorgeous freebies that all the designers have so graciously shared with us.. I'm jealous of all the talent shown here.
    I'm saddened by the fact that there are those that would abuse the privilege.

  8. Yes, there is a site that has been sharing the links to contributions along the site, we have been contacting the designers who's parts have been taking and have provided information to them on how to get them removed. I am deleting any comments taht are providing the link to the site in question. We do not want to promote the file sharing and Piracy, so please do not post the link to that site if you know what it is. Thank You!

  9. Wow, thanks so much to all of the contributers this month! :) I decided to finally get off my bum and do something with the awesome kits I've been getting off here, and I must say, my blog looks much more amazing thank to all of the designers here and a few hours in photoshop!
    Feel free to check it out at: http://headabovethewaves.blogspot.com. Since I used several bits of kits from many designers, I included a "thank you" graphic on my side bar that links back to this blog, so those interested can get this wonderful kit for themselves! (If that is not enough credit, let me know, I'll take it down or try to work out something else. Thanks!)
    Thanks again! Beautiful work for this month's train!


  11. This blog train has been an amazing treat! Thank you to all the wonderful designers for providing such wonderful work!

  12. Thanks to all the designers. I'm a big fan and visit every month - or every other as it usually is :)

    I enjoy getting to know new people and see new releases of people I'm already familiar with. Thanks as always for a great treat!

  13. Thanks so much to all the designers !! Beautiful blog train !

  14. I want to thank each and every one of the designers who took part in this blog train. It's wonderful.... :) :) Thanks again

  15. Hi, lovely blog train! How can i get on, or the netx? I make a Valentine´s Day freebie. xo & ty
    Claudya Designs

  16. I love the colors and the designs!
    The amount of direct downlaods is increasing, no more annoying waiting times!

  17. I don't see a link for #41 Mye Deleon (http://myedeleon.com/), #52 Jumbbumble Designs (http://jumbbumbledesigns.blogspot.com/), #68 Scrapmuss (http://scrapmuss.ru/), #78 Sugar Pie Scraps (http://sugarpiescrapping.blogspot.com/), #98 Pixie Perfect designs (http://ppdbyholly.blogspot.com/). #33 Circle of Life's link is broken and should be http://circleoflifescraps.blogspot.com/.

    And also thanking those who shared direct download links!


  18. Wonderful train and beautiful kits! Has anyone else noticed that the link for #14 Mandy King takes you to an image of the grim reaper and a message about the site being hacked? I wonder if this is intentional, or if Mandy King needs to be notified about it...

  19. I love all these fabulous parts that were contributed by all the great designers. Thank you, soooooo much appreciated.

  20. This is such an awesome Blog Train! Thanks to all the great designers!

    Sad note: #14's website has been hacked...

  21. Thank you SO much for all the beautiful kits!

  22. Thank you for coordinating and giving us such gorgeous kits! Awesome designers!

  23. I want to thank all of the designers who took part in this blog train.It's great that there are so many designers in the train, so that the ones you can't download or find, it still gives you alot to work with. I love the designers who don't make me have to find the blog train, it gives me time to check out their blogs. Because of the train I have found some great blogs to visit and bookmark. I am looking forward to the next train.

  24. This has been a wonderful train and I've so enjoyed the ride, thanks to everyone who participated. However, as of this morning, 2/6 (in the US) these sites didn't have their part posted.

  25. Thank you to all the designers for sharing your beautiful work with us. I look forward to BTB every month. I know nothing of costs and process involved for the different methods of download, but I would especially like to thank all those designers who are able to use anything OTHER THAN 4shared. Not only have the waits become longer, but several times after waiting it still won't download and makes me wait again.

  26. Thanks to all the designers who participated in the blog train for their generosity! Wonderful work as always.

  27. Tried #5 Caged Bird Designs but haven't figured out how to get on her site. Did anyone else have trouble? Thanks for this great beautiful train.

  28. As of today I am still not finding submissions for #'s 33, 52, 68, 78, 98. As for #5, Internet Explorer does not like her site... try another medium and you will see the whole thing (I used Safari).

  29. Thanks for all these so nice gifts !

  30. mk...see Tina's comment above for #33 circle of life

  31. Thanks for all the gorgeous goodies...

  32. First off I want to thank ALL the awesome designers who particpated in this beautiful blog train. It's very rare I have a blog train complete but besides the (already known) no working links, I have this one complete! :) VERY happy and excited to work with it...
    Second I want to thank everyone who provided direct links.

    THANK YOU!!!!

  33. I am so glad to see designers coming together to produce such lovely kits for download. But since there are so many designers participating, would it be possible for each designer to make sure they include a TOU in their part and to name their files with their designer names instead of just initials? I have come across several kits with only initials in the file names and no TOU to give me a clue as to who they are. For instance, tbo_myheartsdream_mini-zip2 - who is tbo? I want to be able to give proper credit when using the pieces of any particular designer but without enough information, I can only give credit to the initials. It makes it hard to use pieces when credit can't be established and since the designers have worked so hard to create these kits, it would be beneficial if the naming of files were more specific and unified. Thank you again for offering this wonderful blog train. -Deanna

  34. So sorry for a late contribution..
    #68 is now up ;)

  35. Thank you so much to each designer that participated to that amazing blogtrain. It was really much fun collecting them all, and discovering all the wonders you made! Thanks again for that great gift!!

  36. I want to thank all the designers for the wonderful works they posted.

  37. Thanks for all the lovely kits. You ladies are awesome designers!

  38. Thank you for this great blog train kit.

  39. I'm so impressed with the wonderful work put into the blog trains each time. Thanks to all of the designers!

  40. I, too, am very late with my appreciation for this blog train. I absolutely love the colors, they are so perfect for the month, and yet not trite! And I'm always amazed at the talented designers out there.
    Thank you,

  41. I only recently finished up grabbing all the piece I want to thank all of you guys for keeping them free even after February... Thanks for all your hard work!

    I have made one layout already, check it out here:

  42. Thank you once again to all the designers for contributing to this awesome gift to us, your fans. I've only opened a few files so far, but am loving them! I recently was able to tour a couple of "tall ships," so this blog train will definitely come in handy!

  43. Thank you all so much for these awesome parts! It took almost two months to get to all these sites (slow internet) but finally today I've finished :) Again - Thank you so much!!

  44. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Thank you all so much for your generosity, i feel so blessed. Thank you.


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