Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Blog Train: Grandma's Quilt! Is HERE!!

Welcome to the January 2011 Blog Train Blog: Grandma's Quilt... Hope you enjoy!!

1. Trish H. Designs
2. Roseytoes Designs
3. Designs By Tracy
4. Shel Belle Scraps
5. Designs by Jen Yurko
6. AW Design
7. JayaPrem's Hangout
8. DesignsByMandyKing
9. Mikki Designs
10. Charm City Scraps
11. Blue Heart Scraps
12. Delicious Scraps
13. Kat's Creations
14. Jen C Designs
15. HunnyBee Design
16. Willow Grace Designs
17. Gabs-Art
18. Bonnie Blou Designs
19. Over The Moon Designs
20. Kathy Winters Designs
21. *Designer Removed From List
22. Dylabel Designs
23. LaLi Creations
24. geniaBeana Scraps
25. HotFlashDesigns
26. Steadfast and Immovable
27. kimerickreations
28. FoxyDesigns
29. Wishing Well Creations
30. Luv Ewe Designs
31. Major Scrapola
32. Digilicious Designs
33. *Designer removed from the list*
34. JanetB Designs
35. Connie Prince
36. Scrapper’s Delights
37. Just Passin' Thru
38. Snips and Snails Designs
39. caged bird designs
40. Sweet Tomato Designs
41. JeNaSisDeSiGn
42. Today's Scrap
43. Girl Boy Girl Designs by Jen Balding
44. Annick of Fair & Square Studio
45. Circle Of Life Scraps
46. Blue Flower Art
47. Designs by Angel
48. ninigoesdigi
49. Angel Hartline Designs
50. Misty O'Brien
51. Brine Design
52. jusme digital
53. *Designer Removed From List*
54. Sprouting Seeds Studio
55. Ruby Lane
56. Mye De Leon
57. Word Art World
58. BarbaraSpeckDesigns
59. Mad Genius Designs
60. Studio Q
61. A-liya
62. Mistica Designs
63. Diamond Ink Designs
64. Jumbbumbledesigns
65. Stargazy Creations
66. MoonDesigns
67. Kate’s Digital Designs
68. eqrAveziur graphic & design
69. MagsGraphics
70. Aimee Harrison Design Studios
71. Three Hears
72. Eyeinspire
73. Trixie Scraps Designs
74. Jen Reed Designs
75. Christine Smith Digital Design
76. Scrappin Wright
77. Juicy Bits
78. Ohana Designs
79. Tempus fugit
80. Munchkyn Scraps
81. Darlene Designs
82. *Designer Removed From list*
83. Bon Scrapatit Designs
84. A Work in Progress
85. Eye On Design
86. UnforgettableMoments
87. jeaniesdesigns
88. Scraps by Mara
89. Secret Stash
90. Rose Thorn
92. Pixelily Designs
93. Stacey's Scraps
94. MaitriScraps
95. Kiss This Designs
96. Digital Creations from Millstream Cottage
97. Snackpackgu
98. Wetfish Designs
99. Jen Maddocks Designs
100. My4Princesses Designs
101. BooLandDesigns
102. Mel Hains Designs



  1. Thank you! Looks like link #13 is broken.

  2. seems my link isn't correct - it goes somewhere to you tube.

    so here is the right link for Gabs-Art

  3. This has to be the ultimate in blog trains! You really have outdone yourself.

    The colour scheme and choice of theme are wonderful and one can tell the designers loved it too. The quality of the shares is outstanding.

    Thank you to everyone who participated. I still have some to download, but am working my way through. A special thanks to those who avoided 4shared! LOL

  4. My link is still messed up- Here is the correct one for # 45:

  5. Links to blogs from here are broken. # 31, 17, 39, 45, 57, 62, 66, and 67......

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR Trish!

    Just wished to give you a VERY special "thank you" for the past several years of hard work, determination and excellent choice of color palettes and themes to keep us designers challenged! LOL! I really, REALLY do look forward to each one and even though I may look at the theme and think myself not qualified to attempt it, I jump in and ALWAYS benefit from the exercise in the challenge set before me! One can NEVER learn too much, eh? *grin*

    May 2011 TOTALLY rock for you and yours lovely lady!


  7. could tell me how to join your next blog train?

  8. I would like to thank all of you lady's for the beautiful kit. I think I may have missed a comment on 1 or 2 items along the way and if I did consider this your thank you. Can't wait to get started. Have a wonderful day ladies.

  9. This blogtrain is gorgeous! As a sew-addicted I really love it!

  10. Hi ! It's my first blogtrain downloading ! Lovely Kits ! Thanks to all of you for creating such lovely scrap collection ! Happy New Year ! Sylvia from France !

  11. link 31 for Major Scrapola has an "R" before the J in the URL

  12. 45 Circle of Life Scraps C and L are switched in the url

    By the way Thankyou so much to all the designers who participate in the Blogtrain every time. Your work is awesome and you are so generous to share.

  13. Awesome kits ladies. Thank you for sharing your creations. They are all beautiful...

  14. Thanks to everyone for their excellent contributions, but...

    Jeez, proofread before you post to make sure you have the links right at least!

  15. Thank you to all of the wonderful designers.

    Happy New Year


  16. This is amazing!! Thanks so much for putting this all together! How can a designer get in on the next one??

  17. Only one word: WOW! Thanks to all the designers.

  18. Thanks so much to all the talented designers who participate to give us such a wonderful free and huge kit!

  19. #66 has wrong link should be

  20. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.

  21. Well don't I feel silly...I just posted my comment for Grandma's quilt on 'the orient'!! Oh well...I do love all the wonderful kits and was so amazed at the participation!! Thank you so much everyone--I love it and I look forward as a grandma myself to doing some special things with this kit! God bless you and Happy New Year!

  22. Loving this Train - several quilters in my family so I'll find lots of uses.

    But, a stupid question - Even though I've removed all of the 4shard and dcs cookies before I click in, I'm still getting waiting times of 330 seconds before I can download. What else should I be doing?

    Thanks again!

  23. Beautiful work to all the designers who participated in this awesome blog train! Thank you very much!

    TerriG, unfortunately 4dshared is a major pain in the posterior. It is good though that you won't get a virus in the downloading, which is a risk of MediaFire at times. Grit and bear it, the goodies are free. Grumbling while waiting is allowed ;)

  24. Jaya Prem Hangout has a Virus per Bit Defender.

  25. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.

  26. Hello everyone, I'm Eva (#68) and I apologize myself because I didn't post my freebie yet. I've been at the hospital until now, so I'm going to post it as soon I can. I'm very sorry. Please visit my blog again!!

  27. I have to say that this bunch of "snaggers" are so polite! I've have the most comments of any other train I've done so far. I stopped tracking the downloads b/c I found it too depressing at the huge discrepancy between downloads and comments, so now I can just be thankful and thrilled at whatever comments come through! :)

    :) Mags /

  28. #58 Barbara Speck hasn't posted...

  29. Awesome Kit. The designers have done a fantastic job.

  30. #78 - Ohanna, hasn't posted since November...

  31. Thanks to all the designers for this great train! I can't find the kits for #58, #73, #78, #85 or #98? Has anyone else found them?

  32. Trish I see we used my "Grandma's Quilt" title idea, but my color choices didn't make it. Darn it, I was really looking forward to having an entire kit of blue and lavendar. I have another title and color scheme for the blog train in March,if you are interested.

  33. Mandie, I'm still waiting for those designers also: #58, #73, #78, #85 and #98.

    This has been a wonderful blog train :)

  34. Yep - #85 hasn't posted yet...

  35. Wow, so many blogs to hop. It might take me a while. TFS

  36. thank-you all for your generosity in sharing you beautiful creations in this wonderful blog train.

  37. This blogtrain is cute!
    Thank you to all the designers for sharing.
    Karina from Brazil!

  38. Thank you, Thank you! I love being able to feed my addiction for free. Beautiful kits!!! Wish 4shared weren't such a hassle, tho. <3

  39. Could you please let ROSE THORN know that none of the links on any of her sites work. The Grandma's Quilt link gives great hope but just chases you in circles... goes no where. The links to her store don't work at all. Thanks!
    And thanks for all the efforts everyon goes to to share these wonderful designs!!!!!!!

  40. I'm so sorry some of the links don't work, but hey! I do have so many minis for my pictures!!!!
    Thank you to each of the wonderful designers that participate in the best blog train.

  41. My Layouts with this blogtrain :
    Thank you very much !

  42. Hey everyone... I want to apologize. I had signed up for January's train and I completely forgot! I was away at the end of 2010, leading into 2011 and I should not have signed up because I really was short on time.

    Again, my apologies! I have signed up for February and I'm already done... and I made EXTRAS... hope that makes it up to everyone!

    Trixie Scraps Designs

  43. Thank each one for the contributions of their awesome work to this blog train. I had such difficulty downloading from 4shared that I had to give up on some and not continue trying to get 4shared to allow me to download. Sometimes it would take 7 to 9 tries just to get 4shared to allow a download to go through. I am persistent though and kept trying. I think there's a possibility they want me to sign up for their premium account and I am totally unable to do that. I am a senior (almost 72 years) and on extremely limited income. Media and Boxnet were great though. Wow! They were fast. I felt very blessed that several (almost all) allowed me downloads of their files. I was so late downloading because I just found out about this blog train. It is an awesome blog train for sure. Thanks again.

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