Monday, June 1, 2009

June Blog Train is On the Tracks!!

Welcome to June's edition of The Blog Train!!

This month we are celebrating all the "guys" in our life with:

"My Favorite Guy"

Trish H Designs
JayaPrem's Hangout
Northern Lights Designs
Little Miss Shazbutt
Carjazi Designs
Kiss This Designs
Designs by Laura
Heather Hill Designs
Spinky Dink Scraps
Kalo Designs
December Daydream
Duchess Designs
Wyld Web Designs
Shrkmoms Creations
Cyndi Wetmiller, Wetfish Deisgns
Deb Fisher
Princess Lala Designs
Ashalee Wall Designs
Royanna Fritschmann
JACQUEscrapper Designs
Barb Speck
Christie Lemmon Designs
Restored Elegance
Albums to Remember Designs
It'z A Neet Design
Little Dragon
Randi Oh Designs
Jill DZines
Ingeborg (ikscrap)
Sea Castle Graphics
CPZ Designs
Designs by Stefanie
Rosey Posey Studio
Designed By Ellie -
Karyn Robinson -
Designs By Sassy
inspiredbydominic designs
Creation Cassel:
Steel City Scraps
Designs by Krazy Mary
ScrapKitten Designs
Monna Lainson
Mad genius Designs
Creations By Rachael
Charlie's Digiscraps
Urban Mermaid Designs
TMA Designs by Lynn
Camie Designs
A+ Designs
Hazel Olive Designs
Matahati Designs:
Tabby Scrap Designs
SuzyQ Scraps
NP Designs
Delicious Scraps
JIC Creations
Totally RawKin Designs
Simple Girl Designs
AmyM Designs
Brandi White
Designs by cfalbro
Ilona Havenaar
Digitalegacies Designs,
Down This Road Designs
Heather Manning
Queen Pamedalah
Mistica Designs

Please remember everyone is different time zones from all over the world. The train is scheduled to be fully functional by noon EST. Links will remain up for pretty much forever LOL.

A huge thanks to Tanya Gal for all her amazing help this month. I definitely needed it :)


  1. OUTSTANDING job EVERYONE!!! This just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER!!! Thank you to ALL for your HARD work and DEDICATION in bringing the BLOG TRAIN BLOG to SCRAPLAND!!!

    Linda :)

  2. WOW! I almost made it! I got a bunch of kits and I discovered many talented designers ! As all this snugging was sooooo long I come here at the end to thank you all, ladies, for this marvellous trip !

  3. I would like to thank all of the amazing designers for their wonderful work on the june blogtrain My Faveoriteguy. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Thank you sooooo much to all of the amazing people who put together this awesome kit!! It is an amazing collection of talent and you are all incredible!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Thanks so much for this kit! Very talented designers!!

  6. I want to say Thank you so much! You all are some incredibly talented ladies. Thank you for blessing us with your generosity. This blog train blog is SO much fun because it gives me the opportunity to see new sites and new designers that I might not have otherwise found. Thanks again!!

  7. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and wonderful designs.

  8. Thanks everyone for your great work.

    I had a hard time though because this site has all the slide shows, it slows down everything and it takes forever to download, even longer to leave love and was a huge pain. I kept having to close this site to get any loading of other pages done. I have never had this problem with other blog trains. My husband a computer tech looked for viruses but realized it was those darn slide shows slowing everything down.

  9. Thank you very much to all the fantastic designer of these blog train. You've all done a great work!
    Warm regards and a great big hug from germany to you all...Santana :-))

  10. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog train. It took me several days to get everything, and I've bookmarked a bunch of new great looking blogs!
    Now I need to leave everyone some love....

  11. Cute, cute, cute!! I'll be sharing this wonderful blog with my readers!

  12. I really liked sassy's but could not download it. I tried for over an hour and it just would not come up after I tell it to download, like the file was missing.

  13. OMG it took me 3 days to ride this train. But it was a blast. Thank you so much for this. You totally rock!

  14. wow, it took me a long time to get through the train because i was so impressed with everyone's work, i took so long on each site. LOL. thank you so much for all the great work and your amazing generosity.

  15. Any word on a July blog train? I was anxiously awaiting, and it just hasn't appeared :(

  16. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and this awesome Kit!

  17. Thanks to all the wonderful designers for this blog train!