Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 2010 Blog Train: Summer Surprises!

Welcome to the May 2010 Blog Train!
This month we have 114 participating designers.

Here is a slide show with *most* of the designers portions you will be collecting:

The Train is scheduled to launch about 12 noon (PST) today, please remember

we are from all over the world on different time zones, so please be patient and all parts will be up at some point today :) .

1. Bon Scrapatit Designs:
2. Kimerick Kreations:
3. Scrap Anonymous: Scrap Anonymous-Everybody needs a little addiction...
4. My4Princesses Designs:
5. Rosey toes: Roseytoes Designs
6. JenCK Designs:JennCk

7. Creations by Rachael: Creations By Rachael

8. {link removed}

9. Late Night Scraps: Late Night Scraps

{link removed}
11. JW-Digiscraps: JW-DigiScraps
12. Digi. Mandy Designs: DigiMandy Designs | Blog

13. Today's Scraps:
14. Color With Caryn:
15. Pebbles Designs:
16. Kate's Digital Designs: My Life in Photos
17. Red Ivy Design:
18. Scrap Bug Designs: ScrapBug Designs
19. FoxyDesigns:
20. Just Jaimee: Welcome Just Jaimee {dot} com
{link removed}
22. Ruby Lane: Ruby Lane Digital Designs
23. Designs by Mandy King:
24. Fishbowl Designs: Fishbowl Designs by Anne Quade
{link removed}
Trish H. Designs: Trish H. Designs
27. Sweet Tomato Designs:
28. AliSarah Designs: AliSarah Designs
29. Dizzy Scraps Designs:
30. Little Red Scraps: Little Red Scraps
31. JayaPrem's Hangout:
32. Mad Genius Designs: Madness or Genius? Or Both?
33. Red Genius Enterprises:
34. Lissa E Designz: LissaE Designz - Digital Scrap'n Designz
35. mITSYBELLE Designs
36. LauraMarie Scraps:
37. Jewel Scraps:
38. Girl Boy Girl Designs by Jen balding: Girl Boy Girl Designs by Jen Balding
39. Shel Belle Scraps: Shel Belle Scraps
40. The Espresso Scrap Shoppe: The Espresso Scrap Shoppe
41. Gabs-Art: gabs
{link removed}
43. Digi_licious Designs: Digi_licious Designs
44. Lizard Dau Designs:
45. Kathy Winters Designs
46. Pixiemama Designs: Pixiemama Designs
47. Maitri Scraps: Maitri's Digital Scraps
48. Scrapper's Delights:
49 Barbara Speck Designs: Barbara Speck Designs
50. Inspirations from Day
51. Aprilisa Designs
52. Scrappin' Page Designs
53. Kiss this designs: Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of Scrap
54. Designs by jmdt: designs by jmdt
55. Z Pink Boudoir Designs:
56. {link removed}
 57. Caged Bird Designs:
58. Bubble Scrap Designs:
59. {link removed}
60. Delicious Scraps
61. A-Liya: A-liya's dreams
62. Graham Like the Cracker: Graham Like the Cracker
63. Wyld Web Designs: A Funny Thing Happened Today
64. Donna Duncombe: Donna Duncombe Designs
65. Shelly Marie Scraps: Shelly Marie Scraps
{link removed}
67. {link removed}
68. Hot Flash Designs: My Weblog
69. ikscrap:
70. MoonDesigns:
71. Scrapmuss Designs:Scrapmuss Designs
72. Benthaicreations: Digiscrap:Benthai fait des siennes!!
73. MoeJoes Designs: MoeJoes Designs
74. {link removed}
75. Snips and Snails Designs
76. Graphic Illusions:
77. {link removed}
78. eqrAveziur
79. BTA Designs:
80. JK Creations:JK creations
81. QueenPamedalah http:\\
82. Photocowgirls:
83. Teri's Thing-O-My-Jigs:
84. Rebeccapsp Designs: Rebecca's Scrapping Silliness
{link removed}
86. Victoria Feemster
87. CznyDesigns
88. Misty O'Brien Designs
89. Chaos Lounge:
90. Brandi White: The Evil Sticky-Note Queen
91. LDrag Designs: Lina D Scraps
92. Pixel Perfect Designs
93. Purely Pixels:
94. Jessica Edwards: Jessica's Scrap Blog
95. TMA Designs: The Mathematician’s Assistant
96. TRK Designs: Totally RawKin Designs
97. Jassi Designs: Jassi´s Scrap und Fotoblog
98. {link removed}
{link removed} 
100. Sara Ellis:
101. Design By Tina: Design by Tina
102. BeeHaven Designz:
103. {link removed}
104. Willow Grace Designs:Willow Grace Designs
105. Steadfast:
106. Jennifer Fox Designs: Jennifer Fox Designs
107. Dysfunctional Design: Blog
108. Wilma4Ever: Wilma4ever
109. Brandi Beaver: Sometimes I scrap something

110. Digital Artistry by Nicole
111. 88 Designs by M: 88 Designs By M
112. Totally Twisted Scraps:
113. The Chronicles of Nani: The Chronicles of Nani
{link removed}

If you find a link is broken, or within 2 days a designer has not posted their part on their blog, please let me know via email so that I can fix / remove the link if need be.  
trishhdesigns @ hotmail. com  

Thank You!


  1. Thanks for all of these! Just a note that #76 doesn't have a link. Graphics Illusions'link is

  2. I´m starting to downloaden this beautifull kit all away from The Netherlands and I really love it...

    Greetings Esther

  3. Thank Brennan... Link has been posted :)

  4. #92 doesn't work ;)

    This is an AWESOME TRAIN!!!
    many, many thanks!

  5. J, link for #92 should be this:

  6. thanks guys... link #92 has been fixed :)

  7. For #102, the written address is fine... but clicking the link redirects to a wrote address. The redirect has one 'w' too many, should be going to

  8. I just love these freebies, always look forward to it. But lately I have been thinking, and now I have whole bunch of papers and elements in these colors that was "assigned" to May Blog Train (pink, neon green, teal'ish and etc). I think the designers should be able to choose their own colors but within a certain topic so people will have more various of elements and papers.

    Thank you for your hard work, this also goes to the designers.

  9. Thanks so much for the great Blog Train. The colors are perfect. I absolutely love them! I have been checking back often to see if some of the designers have posted their portions. Here is a list of numbers that do not have anything up yet: 8, 10, 21, 42, 56, 66, 77, 98, 99 and 103.

  10. What a wonderfull Blog Train this time and I hope that the numbers which F....posted in the comment above me are posting there portions still...

  11. Hi, glad to have found this train, but I was wondering if you have a problem, or whether I do? Any of the links after LauraMarie come up with a fatal server error?
    Can you check? I'll be back later to see if it's still funky, just wanted to let you know :-)


  12. I love this blog train!! the colors are so beautiful!!!
    I´m having a problem to download :34. Lissa E Designz: LissaE Designz - Digital Scrap'n Designz

  13. What a great idea! Thanks to you and all the designers!

  14. Still missing the posts of this numbers....I don't think they are going to do it any more.

    8, 10, 21, 42, 56, 66, 77, 98, 99, 103

  15. A nice idea, thanks for all those links.
    Regards, trisha.

  16. OH MY GOODNESS! What lovely kits you have created. It has taken me 14 days to get them all downloaded, but I will make great use of your designs. Thank you all very much for all your hard work, time and care!


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