Monday, March 1, 2010

March 2010 Blog Train: "Shine On"

THis month we have 106 Designers participating! Hope you Enjoy "Shine On":

1. Rustic Charm Creations -
2. Inspiredbydominic Designs -
3. Jeanne Marie Scraps -
4. JayaPrem's Hangout -
5. Pixie Mama Designs -
6. Wyld Web Designs -
7. AnDi Designs -
8. Graham Like The Cracker -
9. Laura Marie Scraps -
10. Chris Greiser -
11. Barb Speck -
12. Kalo Designs -
13. Leslie G. Designs -
14. JennCk Designs -
15. Color With Caryn -
16. Shanmomto4designs -
17. jennylyn Designs -
18. DeliciousScraps -
19. My4PrincessesDesigns -
20. Trish H. Designs -
21. TMA Designs -
22. Designs by BubblyKori -
23. GeniaBeana Scraps -
24. JW-DigiScraps -
25. Mad Genius Designs -
26. mITSYBELLE Designs -
27. Chaos Lounge -
28. Bon Scrapatit Designs -
29. Starry Eyed Designs -
30. HotFlashDesigns -
31. Scrapper's Delights -
32. Lizard Dau Designs -
33. SandEz Creationz -
34. KimB Designs -
35. Wilma4ever -
36. FoxyDesigns -
37. KimericKreations -
38. ikscrap -
39. Charlize Creations -
40. Christine Smith Digital Design -
41. GET Designs -
42. Robyn Pali Designs -
43. Trixie Scraps Designs -
44. gabs-art -
45. Willow Grace Designs -
46. (removed due to no contribution)
47. Little Red Scraps -
48. Altered Sea -
49. Wetfish Designs -
50. A-liya -
51. Mel's World -
52. Sweet Tomato Designs -
53. Kiss This Designs -
54. AliSarah Digiscraps -
55. Flutter Expressions -
56. Major Scrapola -
57. Jennifer Fox Designs -
58. Polka Dot Pixels -
59. Nikki Epperson -
60. Digital Artistry by Nicole -
61. Happy Scrap Girl -
62. (removed due to no contribution)
63. LDrag Designs -
64. Sherri Tierney -
65. Mikki Designs -
66. Digilicious Designs -
67. BooLand Designs -
68. Photocowgirl -
69. Jewelscraps -
70. Kathy Winters -
71. Late Night Scraps -
72. Creations By Rachael -
73. Allison Pennington -
74. (removed due to no contribution)
75. Day Break Scraps -
76. Shel Belle Scraps -
77. eqrAveziur-
78. Moonchylde Creations -
79. Geek Chic Scraps -
80. ScrapBug Designs -
81. Sara Ellis -
82. Andrea Dickinson -
83. (had to backed out link to next person!)
84. LouCee Creations -
85. Twin Mom Scraps -
86. DesignZ by DeDe -
87. Tahera -
88. AmyEdwards -
89. Lillyscrap -
90. Tricia Curtis -
91. (removed due to no contribution)
92. KariQ Designs -
93. Snips & Snails -
94. Brandi Beaver -
95. Scrapmuss Designs -
96. Kris Myers Designs -
97. Project B Designs -
98. Rebeccapsp Designs -
99. Smooth Sailing Designs -
100. Victoria Feemster -
101. Verena Designs -
102. Pixelfairy Designs -
103. BTA Designs -
104.(removed due to no contribution)
105. Maitri -
106. Topsy Turvy Digital -
107. Designs By Sassy -

If you notice a blog link isn't working or a part has not been posted,
please email:
trishhdesigns @ with the # and blog link
so that I may take care of it. Thank You!

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to seeing you
in May for the Next Blog Train!


  1. Wow!!!! What an experience! I think my finger is swollen from so much clicking. I left thank you's along the way, but I did miss many, and will go back and thank each of you I downloaded from (all but 8 due to broken links! or pages not up yet) This is my first blog train, and now I have to figure out a way to store all this great stuff to use it. New to DigiScrapping, but I think I may be a convert....amazing. Thank you all.

  2. Loving this! I love the colors & theme.. :)
    I'd like to participate in the May Blog Train. What do I need to do?

  3. I really want to say thank you to each of the designers and especially the ones that don't load their stuff on mediafire! EVERY time I tried to DL one of them I got popups and twice it went to an additional pop-up before I was able to clear it. It was very helpful to have folks letting us know which one they were using, offering a choice when possible and having the links open in a new window! Also, some ones are out of bandwidth. Too bad because those looked awesome!

  4. Wonderful blog train! Thank you! I would love to participate in May. How can I do that? :)

  5. Thank you for the nice comments!! I jsut want to post that sign ups for this blog train are first come first serve in a sign up thread that gets posted at DST.

    About broken links and missing posts... these remain active for a very long time so please check back with the designer to get the part they are trying to offer you!

  6. Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work everyone has put in organizing and designing for this blog train. The color palette is lovely and I'm excited to start digging in! Thank you for all your hard work and talent!

  7. Beautiful work, thanks so much to ALL the wonderful designers for their contributions! I'd love to participate in the next one! How do I go about it? Thanks so much!

  8. Thanks to all the designers. Just wanted to let everyone know that I had some problems with viruses from MediaFire popup ads. Be careful

  9. Nothing about the blog train at number 46.

  10. This looks fabulous.....thanks so much for the generousity of all the participating designers. You perform a terrific service to the pocketbooks of many! thank you!

  11. Just wanted to let you all know that I entered my blog addy wrong... here is the correct one, sorry!

    71. Late Night Scraps -

  12. I want to say thank you to every designer who posted in this blog train. I love it. Thank you very much!

  13. Whew! Finally reached the end of the line! What an awesome collab- thank you to all of the designers!

  14. A HUGE thank you to all of the designers who participated in this blog train. There are lots of fabulous goodies, and I love the colors!

  15. My blog was #46 and my blogger kicked all my scheduled posts for the week, but the contribution I had is up there, sorry about the confusion!

  16. Phew! Finally made it through! LOL

    Thanks to all the designers! Beautiful kits!

  17. Beautiful!! May I make suggestion for future blog train theme. Actual trains (engines, cabooses, etc) along with scrapbooking (mouse, computer, scissors, digital cameras, etc), so it can encourage scrappers to do pages on themselves. As us scrapbookers are as important.

  18. Designers, this is BEAUTIFUL!!! I have found a million things to do with it!! I gave you a shout out on my blog but as you'll see my blog is all "Shine On"!!

    I love it!

  19. For some reason 4shared won't let me in to leave my thanks, so...... everyone who hass contributed to this train, my big, BIG thanks :) I've found some beautiful artwork & discovered so many amazing new blogs to visit!
    Thanks everyone
    seveneles x

  20. I know I'm late, but I just found this train and it's been FAB! I have left comments on everyone that I could, but I wanted to say THANKS on here too, for organising this, I'll definitely be back for the May train, this has been a wonderful way to not only pick up a great free kit, but also to find LOTS of blogs and shops and designers that I had no idea were out there :D

  21. Lovely blog train!!
    How do we sign up for the next one?
    Circle of Life Scraps at gmail dot com